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Known issues, fixes, and more.
  • I am getting an 10.2.1 version instead of the latest version?

    You can only get the latest version if you are an active Junior Tier (10USD) or higher patron and have spent at least $20 on the patreon before. (You can do this through one month of the Senior Tier or two months of the Junior Tier subscription.

    If you have recently become a Senior Patron, you need to disconnect your account by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner of the launcher. Afterwards, just log in again and you should be prompted to download the newest version.

    The Patreon API takes a while to update the total spent for your new tier, so you might need to wait for an hour or so and try again later.

  • I have signed up to Patreon via Google or Apple, and the login doesn't work

    If you are trying to log in with Google it will not work. Make sure to set a password in the setting page on the Patreon website and log in with this password afterward.

    You can follow the Patreon support guidelines if you don’t know how to set / update a password:

  • How much free space do I need to download the latest version of CK via launcher?

    You need at least 30GB of free space on the same drive where you have installed the launcher and around 10gb of free space on your system drive (usually C:\) due to the file extraction process. For the next update, we plan to reduce this back to the original game size. The 30GB is required only for download and extraction, the actual game will have an original size of around 15GB once it is extracted.

  • My download is stuck, what can I do?

    Please update your launcher to the latest version, the download link is here:

    If that doesn’t help, please reset the download with the instructions in the menu below.

  • How can I reset my download?

    Inside the Launcher (easy)
    1. Click on the avatar in the top right corner of the launcher.
    2. Click on the red button that says RESET
    3. Restart the launcher by closing and opening it again

    Manually on Windows (not so easy)
    1. Close the launcher
    2. Press Win+R
    3. Type “%appdata%\college-kings-act3-launcher” in the window that comes up
    4. Press Enter
    5. Delete the config.json file in the menu that comes up

  • Where are my saves located?

    Windows: “%APPDATA%\RenPy\CollegeKings\”
    Linux: “~/.renpy/CollegeKings/”
    MacOS: “~/Library/RenPy/CollegeKings/”

    Save Naming:
    X = Save page (“auto” for autosaves, “quick” for quicksaves)
    Y = Save number on the save page counting from left to right, 1-3 is the top row, 4-6 is the bottom row (auto saves go up to 10)

  • Help! None of the above has helped me, what should I do?

    Don’t panic, but join the discord server support channels linked above. Our tech support is there to help you.

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