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Known issues, fixes, and more.
  • How to install College Kings patch?

    Patch Instructions:

    Unzip the patch by right-clicking on it and selecting “Unzip”.
    Open the unzipped file and find the folder named “game”.
    Drag this “game” folder into your “College Kings-12.1.1” folder.
    Default Location: Downloads. (NOT THE STEAM VERSION)
    If you’re having issues, please reach out in our Discord #bugs-help channel:

  • I cannot login to the launcher even though I am a Patron?

    Launcher Disclaimer:

    There is one known issue with launcher, when you sign in for the first time you will need to verify the new device. There’ll be a verification link in your email, but this will stop the authentication process (as it’s done outside the launcher), so you will need to close the popup and try again, after that everything will work normally.

  • How much free space do I need to download the latest version of CK via launcher?

    You need at least 25GB of free space on the same drive where you have installed the launcher duo to file the extraction process. For the next update, we plan to reduce this back to the original game size with automated update installation. The 25GB is required only for download and extraction, the actual game will have an original size of 13GB once it is extracted.

  • My download is stuck at 0% or 99%, what can I do?

    It may be you do not have sufficient space for the extraction or a different type of extraction error we are investigating.

    Try doing the following to resolve the issue:

    1. Turn off the launcher
    2. Go to the C:\Users{user}\AppData\Roaming\college-kings-act3-launcher and delete config.json and try again

    If you do not know how to open the AppData folder via Windows Explorer do the following:

    Press Win + R at the same time to open Run. Type %appdata% and press Enter.

  • Download via launcher is slow?

    If you are located in Europe, our EU servers require an expansion and it will be handled in the next 24 hrs.

    For the USA and other locations, you may be experiencing a temporary spike due to a high number of users downloading the game. This will be resolved when the next game update is released.

  • I am getting an 10.2.1 version instead of the latest version?

    If you have recently become a Senior Patron, you need to disconnect your account by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner of the launcher.

    Afterward, just log in again and you should be prompted to download the new version.
    Patreon API takes a while to update the total spent for your new tier.

  • I have signed up to Patreon via Google or Apple, and don't have a password

    If you are trying to log in with Google it will not work. Make sure to set a password in the setting page on the Patreon website and log in with this password afterward.

    You can follow the Patreon support guidelines if you don’t know how to set / update a password:

  • The launcher is stuck at the ``Extracting`` message

    First, uninstall the launcher and then try doing the same thing as above on the My download is stuck at 0% or 99%.

    The fix for extraction is coming in the next 24 hrs.

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