Amber: The Wild Card

One of the most open people you will meet in San Vallejo. She has both the control and drive in the relationship. With her you will try anything. Sex, Drugs and More. But watch out: She will speak up if she’s displeased by something. Will you be her friend or more?

Aubrey: The Open

She is the most open girl in San Vallejo, making always sure everyone has fun. Living in the moment, Aubrey is the first to undress you and tie you up. So be as open with her as she is with you, otherwise she will quickly lose interest.

Autumn: The Politician

A third-year student of political sciences and the President of the Deer sorority, Autumn is passionate about the fight for women’s rights. She’s also very protective of her younger sister Lauren, but if you take a liking to her politics she might just show you the soft side behind all that seriousness.

Chloe: The ‘It Girl’

The most popular girl in San Vallejo is always up for some fun. Leading the biggest sorority with a great passion, she is the number one. But not everything is as it seems. Some people spread rumors about her. Will you trust them…or her?

Emily: The Red Flag

She has betrayed you in the past. She plays with all your emotions like a little child. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes she ends getting you into a lot of trouble. Other girls better watch out for her, as she tries to get you back on every occasion possible. Will you let her?

Evelyn: The Lady

She’s a grown-up, so you better treat her like one. Her days of partying hard are over, and her career and adult life are finally catching up with her. All of this talk can make you feel out of your depth. Can you step it up and be the “real man” she’s after?

The New Girl

Act 2 brings us a new girl into the lineup. She plays an important role in the Act 2 finale. What do you think is her backstory and how your choices will shape the relationship with her?

Lauren: The Innocent

She’s the most vanilla girl you’ll find and will always love you for who you are. Just don’t try to betray her, as you will definitely regret it. She’s still inexperienced, but open to learn from you. Will you take the offer and teach her some naughty things?

Lindsey: The Basic

Friends with the hottest girls in college, Lindsey is a nice girl with a naughty side. She’s very vulnerable, but will always make sure to give her best, as long as you do the same. But you need to treat her right if you want to be her College King.

Ms. Rose: The Knowledgeable

Your economics teacher who is your best roommate’s favorite. Although she has some personal issues recently, she manages to hide them in class. But the important things always happen after class. So buckle up and get get ready for a ride with this lady

Nora: The Dreamer

Nora wants to travel the world and experience new things, but currently she’s stuck with her boyfriend, who leads the Wolves fraternity. She secretly wants to be treated better than in her current relationship. Will she have someone to go to or stay with the old partner?

Penelope: The Lone Wolf

She has very little friends, but cares even more for them. Best to stay on her good side. Even though Penelope is a little introverted and cautious, she is always four steps ahead of everyone else. She got expelled but is back on track in San Vallejo. Or maybe not?

Samantha: The Broken

She is a party animal that can’t stay away from drugs. But with the help of a certain someone she can maybe turn her life around for the better. Will you decide to help her or do you think your relationship with the current Fight King is more important?

Riley: The Passionate

Bored in your dorm? Don’t worry. Riley is here to explore the world with you. If you ever feel down, she is the one to cheer you up. Kind, caring, and always there for you, she might seem a little dull at the beginning, but if you get to know her better, you will soon discover her wild side.
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